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Subscribing to seller alerts via email/webhook

You can subscribe to a wide-range of seller alerts from the Vendor Settings > Alerts area of the vendor dashboard.

Alerts can be subscribed to via email, or webhook.

When subscribing to alerts via email, by default these will be sent to the vendor email address you used during sign-up. However, this can be changed on the “Alerts” page itself.

If subscribing to alerts via webhook, this webhook URL is also set on the “Alerts” page.

A full list of alerts can be seen below;

  • Payment success (non-subscription and/or subscription)
  • Payment refunded (non-subscription and/or subscription)
  • Dispute created
  • Dispute closed
  • Payout / Transfer created
  • Payout / Transfer paid
  • Subscription created
  • Subscription changed/updated
  • Subscription cancelled
  • Subscription payment failed
  • Order processing completed
  • New Audience member
  • High risk transaction created
  • High risk transaction updated

With each alert, a wide range of data is posted. For example, with the “payment success” alert you’ll receive data such as order_id, email, passthrough, product_name and more.

The Webhook Simulator will allow you to see what data is sent with each alert webhook, and simulate alert webhooks in order to succesfully integrate these with your system.

Further documentation on the alert webhooks can be found here. For specific instructions relating to subscription/recurring billing alerts, see here.

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