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Subscribing to seller alerts via email/webhook

Alerts are notifications Paddle sends out after an event occurs. They are also a key way of integrating subscription services with Paddle. You can subscribe to a wide-range of seller alerts by visiting the Alerts / Webhooks page in your Paddle dashboard.

You can choose to have alerts sent to you via email, webhook or both.

If you choose to subscribe to alerts via email, by default these will be sent to the vendor email address you used during sign-up. You can check what your vendor email address is by selecting ‘Account Settings’ in the menu on the Vendor Settings page in your dashboard, and going to ‘Email’.

Alternatively, you can choose a different email address for receiving email alerts on the ‘Alerts’ page itself, by using the ‘Email address for receiving email alerts’ field under ‘Receiving Alerts’.

If you choose to subscribe to alerts via webhook, you can also do so by entering the URL in the ‘URL for receiving webhook alerts’ field under ‘Receiving Alerts’.

A full list of alerts can be seen below:


  • Subscription Created
  • Subscription Updated
  • Subscription Cancelled
  • Subscription Payment Success
  • Subscription Payment Failed
  • Subscription Payment Refunded

One-off Purchases

  • Payment Success
  • Payment Refunded
  • Order Processing Completed

Risk & Disputes (Chargebacks)

  • Dispute Created
  • Dispute Closed
  • High Risk Transaction Created
  • High Risk Transaction Updated


  • New Payout
  • Payout Paid


  • New Audience Member
  • Updated Audience Member

You can learn more information about the different alerts by hovering over the tooltip (?) icon.

With each alert, various data is sent. For example, with the “payment success” alert you’ll receive data such as order_id, email, passthrough information, product_name and more. Further documentation on this alert webhook can be found here. For specific instructions relating to subscription/recurring billing alerts, see here.

Webhook simulator

Select the Webhook Simulator button to access this tool. The Webhook Simulator will allow you to see what data is sent with each alert webhook, and simulate alert webhooks in order to successfully integrate these with your system.

For example, if you want to test a subscription plan and see which data is sent when a customer signs up so you can enable their access to your product or service, using the Webhook Simulator will allow you to see how you can build your integration to facilitate this.

Alert History

Select the Alert History button to access this tool. You can check a log of all alerts sent out by Paddle using this. You can also use this to retry any alerts which failed to process in the event that you experienced system issues.

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