Simple, all inclusive pricing

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Scaled pricing available

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  • All payment methods

    No need to pay for PayPal or payment gateways on top, everything is included

  • Trials, licensing & subscriptions

    Everything from issuing one-off serial numbers to managing recurring billing

  • Payer support

    Our team handles billing queries and common customer issues for you

  • Taxes and VAT

    We automatically collect and remit all local taxes on your behalf worldwide

  • Coupons & bundles

    All of the built-in marketing tools to grow your sales

  • Fraud protection

    We minimize fraud and help you fight chargebacks

Are there any other fees?

Setup Free
Refunds Free (we also refund the initial fee you paid)
Cross-border fees Free
Chargeback handling $15 (we simply pass what our bank charges us and we help you fight and recover)
Account balance transfer Free if you use our local / ACH network; $15 for SWIFT transfers

What do I commit to?

You are free to stop using us whenever you want - there are no commitments, annual contracts or hidden fees.

Can you help me get started?

Absolutely. Although you can just sign up and start using Paddle, we’re more than happy to guide you through the best implementation for your software business, help with our API and SDK and customize your checkout and emails (all of this for free).

Do you offer additional services?

We offer a couple of optional services to help you grow your sales. We only charge a fee if you use our built-in features.

We can attempt to recover sales from users who abandon the checkout process after partially completing it. We charge a 10% fee on these additional sales.

You can use us to recruit and manage affiliates. We charge a 5% fee on sales processed via affiliates.

We can promote your products to 200,000 active software buyers. We charge a 10% fee on the initial sale.