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SaaS benchmarks: What to measure and how

Popular SaaS benchmarks, what they mean, and how they are measured. Discover some of the problems that SaaS businesses face with benchmarking, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Getting to know SaaS metrics


Net revenue retention: The new benchmark metric for SaaS

Leading SaaS companies are shifting to a new scale-up model focused on long-term relationships and sustainable growth. Here's why NRR is the metric to get you there, how to calculate it and what good looks like.

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How to calculate (and reduce) your churn rate

Too often, SaaS businesses are failing to accurately calculate their churn rate. Here, we explain how to calculate churn properly, how important the metric is for your business, and how to reduce it.

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The SaaS guide to MRR

MRR is often considered the go-to metric for growing SaaS but what does it really mean and what's the best way to calculate it? This guide have got you covered, including 8 actionable tips for growing MRR in your business.

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Understanding Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and how to grow it

What is ARPU and why is it an important metric for SaaS? Discover what factors influence ARPU and how to grow ARPU in your business.

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The SaaS guide to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer lifetime value is a crucial metric for any SaaS business focusing on retention. Read the guide and discover why it's so, what factors influence it and (most importantly) how to increase CLV in your business.

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How to calculate and reduce payback period

What is a payback period and how do you calculate it? Discover issues with measuring payback period and how to overcome them. Plus, 4 ways to reduce payback period for your business.

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Understand how to measure and reduce churn

Talking churn: How SaaS businesses can reduce and prevent churn →

Watch now and discover how to manage churn across payments, subscriptions, and customer success.

SaaS churn rate: What does good look like? →

How to benchmark your churn rate to find out what “good” looks like for your businesses.

Five strategies to reduce churn in SaaS →

Top strategies for SaaS revenue leaders to reduce customer churn (quantifiably!) in just 45 days.