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Why Paddle Checkout is optimized to sell software online

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With millions of software subscriptions and licenses delivered, we’ve taken almost a decade of testing and best practices to produce Paddle Checkout - consistently the top converting checkout for SaaS business in head-to-head tests.

Test us today and see the difference in your top line revenue.

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Create your ideal experience with Paddle Checkout

For simple purchases, try Paddle Checkout overlay. Trigger a responsive overlay with a streamlined checkout flow.

For more complex purchases, try Paddle Checkout inline. Implement more custom fields and layouts to collect more and different data (taking care to still implement conversion best practices).

You can also offer Paddle Checkout on Paddle Invoices to speed up invoice payment by offering more payment methods on top of bank wire transfer.

Implement Paddle Checkout with Paddle.js

Call and customize the Paddle Checkout with the Paddle.js library. You can be taking payments in just five lines of code.

With passthroughs, you can send Checkout Properties through with each checkout. Paddle Checkout can also pass events back for tracking and optimizing your purchase flow (helpful for inline checkout).

Explore Paddle.js

Bring your own branding and data

Bring your colours for the buttons and prices (be careful with red), logos, and custom messages within the optimized Paddle Checkout flow.

Pass through data to pre-fill and remove fields within the checkout flow to maximize conversions.

Try it: Build a Paddle Checkout in 10 minutes →

Turn on new payment methods in 1-click

Not every buyer wants to pay for everything by card. Increase your checkout conversions by selling how your buyers want to pay.

Paddle Checkout supports multiple payment methods besides credit card. Click to enable new payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Wire Transfer within your Paddle Checkout. There are no additional fees to pay and you only deal with Paddle.

¥£€ Voila! Paddle Checkout localizes for you 🇬🇧🇯🇵🇧🇷🇩🇪

Localize the most important part of your customer journey to increase conversions.

Paddle Checkout speaks your buyers language automatically. Boost conversions and payment acceptance further by selling in dozens of currencies in 1-click.

Best practices to maximize revenue? Price your subscription products to each local market - all in a few clicks.

Enable 1-click payments with ease

Streamline all your customer’s future purchases (like Apple and Amazon) with Paddle Checkout. Vault your customer’s cards to save their details and enable 1-click purchases across your product range.

Now it’s easy to sell add-ons, cross-sell other products, and offer a marketplace on top of a first purchase or subscription to grow your customer accounts.

Fix low payment acceptance with a smarter checkout

Not every payment goes through first time, especially in markets and currencies away from your headquarters.

Paddle Checkout will ‘waterfall’ through our networks of payment processors and local merchant banking infrastructure to retry payments until successful.

Fix low payment acceptance with Paddle →

PCI, GDPR and Tax Compliance Out-Of-The-Box

Paddle Checkout runs over Paddle’s PCI compliant network without storing full card details with additional security from a third party tokenization service.

Paddle Checkout also captures GDPR compliant opt-in from emails in checkout you can export and sync to other tools via webhook alerts .

Paddle also automatically calculates, files & remits the local sales taxes you owe, and presents the taxes in the Paddle Checkout with taxes excluded (and added on top) or included in the list price.

Learn how Paddle handles your sales tax liability →