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17 Nov 2021  |  Announcements

An update on Paddle In-App Purchase for iOS

2 minute read

It’s been a few weeks since we first talked about the Epic vs Apple case and what it means for SaaS. Since then, we’ve been prepping Paddle In-App Purchase – here’s an update on our progress.

It's been a few weeks since our first announcement on this, and so we wanted to give you a quick update on our progress towards a solution for IAP in iOS applications. Our iOS SDK is already in testing, and we're now adding even more functionality to make it easier to implement our alternative to Apple's native in-app purchases into your iOS apps.

At the moment, we’re waiting for Apple to clarify what will be allowed regarding third-party IAP payments, so we’re keeping it simple & lean and focusing on ease of integration. This SDK will let you:

  • Launch a Paddle Checkout for a one-off or subscription product, and

  • Track its completion so that you can give access to the product the customer has purchased. 

You will also be able to make use of the features of the Paddle Platform, such as Webhooks and Subscription APIs, in order to keep track of the status of any subscriptions.

This sounds exciting, but what’s next?

This brings us onto the big topic - launch dates! As previously announced, we are pushing for a December 7th launch, giving you a few days to scope and plan your integration before the December 9th deadline set by the court for Apple to allow third-party payments. Our launch will include the iOS SDK as well as the supporting documentation and guides required to implement it within your app. 

We will also introduce our new micro-transaction pricing. A flat 10% fee for transactions less than $10 will give you the ability to charge smaller amounts without incurring the hefty fees seen elsewhere.

There is one major hurdle that can impact this date: Apple and their legal team. After their latest motion was denied by the U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, Apple will likely ask the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for a delay. If they get the delay they’re hoping for, we may have to postpone some of what we’re planning. However, if Apple’s request to delay is also denied, we’ll be paying close attention to the changes Apple puts in place on/before the December 9th deadline and will ensure that our solution is fully compliant.

We've been working hard preparing for the launch and planning events for the developer community – so keep an eye out for future updates!

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