A look back at Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

By Gerry McHugh, 01 Dec 2017, in guide, Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were massive days for software companies this year: we've looked at the data and what we can learn from it for next year.
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How our engineering team prepared for Black Friday

By Dave Marsland, 30 Nov 2017, in people, engineering

Black Friday is a very important day for us in Engineering. We see more traffic than any other day in the year and it’s a real test of our ability to stay reliable at scale, so we started to plan months in advance to ensure that it was a quiet night for us, and we could sit back and watch the graphs with a beer!
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The Complete Guide to Black Friday for Software Businesses

By Octave Auger, 21 Nov 2017, in guide, Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest software e-commerce days of the year, with an estimated 55% of US customers expected to take part by purchasing a hardware gadget or a software product.

To make the most out of these key dates you'll need to combine the right offer with the right messaging and the right marketing channels, which is why we've assembled a list of tips and ideas for you.
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Our new Pricing API improves the way you can display prices

By Rob Hudson, 20 Nov 2017, in product

We've just introduced our Pricing API to let you retrieve, localize and calculate prices on the fly.
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How to implement gifting in your checkout

By Michal Dobrzynski, 06 Nov 2017, in guide, product

Generous customers want to purchase your software as a gift for a friend or relative? This gifting mechanic is not very hard to implement on top of our platform. Just follow our step by step implementation guide!
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We've added grouping and increased the flexibility of our Coupon API

By Rob Hudson, 05 Nov 2017, in product

Coupons are great. From a marketing campaign to a support reward, they're quite versatile. Creating them however can be fairly time consuming and painstakingly manual - leading to customers waiting for their coupon to be created, or making it hard to get the most out of them. This is why we've released 2 major improvements to our coupon API: grouping and greater flexibility.
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How Sparkle tripled their revenue on Black Friday

By Tom Holland-Hibbert, 05 Nov 2017, in showcase, Black Friday

Sparkle saw sales grow on both Black Friday (+226%) and Cyber Monday (+124%), leading to an overall revenue increase of 81% during Black Friday week. We take a look into how they achieved that performance!
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How Cindori grew revenue 3x on Black Friday

By Tom Holland-Hibbert, 03 Nov 2017, in showcase, Black Friday

Cindori saw a large, direct 3x increase in revenue on Black Friday whilst the rest of the week, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, remained fairly stable. We analyze how they went about it and the marketing techniques they used.
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How Zengobi sold 4.5x more on Black Friday

By Paul Tebbs, 03 Nov 2017, in showcase, Black Friday

Zengobi saw stronger sales in general during Black Friday and Cyber Monday week-end, with +106% their usual turnover. Black Friday itself was however the commercial peak by far, with almost 5x the usual Curio sales on a Friday.
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How we hire engineers

By Mark Wilson, 31 Oct 2017, in people, engineering

I joined the engineering team at Paddle 4 months ago and work predominantly on our checkout. The whole process was fairly quick: it took 10 days between my initial application and the job offer and involved an initial phone call with another engineer, a face to face interview with the CTO and a culture chat with other employees (both engineers and non-engineers).
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