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What is checkout recovery?

Using Paddle you’re able to switch on checkout recovery - this is a system whereby we attempt to recover any incomplete checkouts for your products. These are checkouts during which the customer has entered their email address during the checkout flow, but not gone on to purchase your product.

If checkout recovery is switched on, customers are sent two emails. The first one is sent after 90 minutes+ of checkout inactivity, encouraging them to return to their checkout and complete the purchase. A second email is sent out 7 hours+ following the first email if they have not completed their purchase since the previous email.

Our checkout recovery technology is industry leading; on average we’re recovering ~10% of all checkouts abandoned.

Turning checkout recovery on/off

You’re able to switch recovery on/off here in the Checkout Settings page of your Paddle dashboard.

During this process you’re also able to input a discount to be offered to the customer in their automatic email which prompts them to recover the abandoned checkout. We encourage sellers to do this to maximise the effectiveness of the emails, and increase the likelihood you’ll recover the lost purchase.

At any time you can visit the settings page above and adjust your setup.

For any purchases made directly from clicking on a recovery email a 10% transaction fee is applied.

Identifying “recovery” orders

For all orders generated via checkout recovery, the “Source” listed on the order details page will read “Paddle Recovery”.

In the “Order History” area on the details page will be a record of when the customer was sent and interacted with their recovery email.

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