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What format should I use for my VAT ID?

The specific format of the VAT ID accepted by the checkout and dashboard varies between countries. Please follow the below guidelines when entering the ID:

Country Format
Austria AT*U12345678
Belgium BE*123456789 or BE*1234567890
Bulgaria BG*123456789 or BG*1234567890
Croatia HR*12345678901
Cyprus CY*12345678A
Czech Republic CZ*12345678, CZ*123456789, or CZ*1234567890
Denmark DK*12345678
Estonia EE*123456789
Finland FI*12345678
France FR*123456789
Germany DE*123456789
Greece EL*123456789
Hungary HU*12345678
Ireland IE*1234567A, IE*1234567AA, IE*1234567AAW, IE*0A12345A, or IE*0A12345AW
Italy IT*12345678901
Latvia LV*12345678901
Lithuania LT*123456789 or LT*123456789012
Luxembourg LU*12345678
Malta MT*12345678
Netherlands NL*123456789B12
Poland PL*1234567890
Portugal PT*123456789
Romania RO*12 to RO*1234567890
Slovakia SK*1234567890
Slovenia SI*12345678
Spain ES*A1234567A
Sweden SE*123456789012
Non-EU Countries -
Australia AU*12345678901
Bahrain 123456789012345
Belarus 123456789
Canada 1234567890TQ1234 or 1234567890TQ (Quebec), 1234567 (Saskatchewan), or 123456789ABCDEF (all other CA states)
Chile 12.123.123-1
Iceland 12345 or 123456
India 12AAAAA1234A123, or 12345678901C.
Indonesia 123456789012345
Isle of Man GB*123456789, GB*123456789012, GB*GD123, GB*HA512, GB*8888123GD, or GB*8888512HA
Japan 1234567890123
Liechtenstein 123.123.123
Malaysia 123456789012345
Moldova MD*1234567
New Zealand NZ*12345678 or NZ*123456789
Norway 123456789 or 123456789MVA
Russian Federation 1234567890 or 123456789012
Saudi Arabia 123456789012345
Singapore A12345678A, 12345678A, 123456789A, or 12-1234567-1
South Africa ZA*4123456789 or ZA*31234567890
South Korea KR*1234567890
Switzerland CHE*123456789MWST, CHE*123456789TVA, or CHE*123456789IVA
Thailand 1234567890123
Turkey 1234567890
United Arab Emirates 123456789012345
United Kingdom GB*123456789, GB*123456789012, GB*GD123, GB*HA512, GB*8888123GD, or GB*8888512HA
Uzbekistan UZB*123456789

”*” Optional prefix

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