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Can I invite members of my team?

You can invite additional members of your team to your Paddle dashboard via the Team page.

When inviting new members of your team you’ll be asked what function they serve within your organisation. This is because we limit dashboard functionality based on a user’s role. In the future, any user’s role can be changed by an admin in your team, at any time.

The roles and the dashboard areas they each have access to are as follows:

Dashboard Area Admin Finance Technical Support
Overview Metrics βœ“ βœ“ Β  Β 
Transactions/Orders βœ“ βœ“ Β  βœ“
View Invoices βœ“ βœ“ Β  βœ“
Refunds βœ“ Β  Β  βœ“
Manage Customers βœ“ Β  Β  βœ“
Resend Customer Emails βœ“ Β  Β  βœ“
Subscribers βœ“ Β  Β  βœ“
Audience βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Team Discovery βœ“ βœ“ Β  βœ“
Products βœ“ Β  βœ“ βœ“
Manage Products βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Subscription Plans βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Manage Subscription Plans βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Bundles βœ“ Β  βœ“ βœ“
Manage Bundles βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Coupons βœ“ Β  βœ“ βœ“
Manage Coupons βœ“ Β  βœ“ βœ“
Pay Link Builder βœ“ Β  Β  βœ“
Invoicing βœ“ Β  Β  Β 
Affiliates βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Reports βœ“ βœ“ Β  Β 
Payouts βœ“ βœ“ Β  Β 
Dashboard Settings Admin Finance Technical Support
Subscription Settings βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Checkout Settings βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Sales Tax Settings βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Recover Settings βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Balance Currency βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Account Settings βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Team Members βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Alerts / Webhooks βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Authentication βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Public Key βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
SDK API βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
Data Import βœ“ Β  βœ“ Β 
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