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Editing the styling of invoices/emails?

Yes. You can customise your order confirmation and customer invoice emails from your Vendor Settings -> Account Settings Page.

Edit invoice screenshot

In here you will find settings for:

Company Display Name - This name will display on the top left of both emails

Product Website - This link will display directly under your company display name

You can also use your company logo rather than the basic display name. Contact our Success team to get this arranged. Before contacting us, please ensure your company logo meets the following specifications.

Dimensions (Icon-based logo): Minimum 80x80 Pixels, Maximum 500x500 Pixels

Dimensions (Text-based logo): Text-based logo needs to be single line. Ensure that image does not have any spaces surrounding the text - if there is, please crop this out to ensure that it is sized correctly on our template emails.

Maximum Size: 500 KB

Image Format: PNG

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