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Seamless checkout experience

  • Control your checkout experience

    Customers checkout and pay directly on your website or in your app, in a way that you control from beginning to end.

  • Grow your conversion rate worldwide

    Your checkout converts globally, with dozens of currencies and languages, advanced pricing localisation and A/B testing.

  • Customize everything

    Get started in minutes with Paddle.js, or leverage our API and webhook notifications to build your very own purchase flow.

Much more than a checkout

  • Forget payment providers

    Accept a wide range of global payment methods including PayPal in one integration with Paddle: you only interact with us and don’t need to open merchant accounts elsewhere.

  • Delegate taxes and VAT

    We automatically handle the calculation, collection and remittance of taxes in every single country on your behalf: you don’t need to do anything.

  • Prevent fraud

    We combine our own algorithms with the fraud prevention of our payment providers to flag suspicious transactions, and help you fight chargebacks.

Power up your sales and marketing

  • Convert more customers with coupons

    Create coupons and measure their performance in our dashboard or via our APIs, to offer preorder or upgrade campaigns, advertise a discount or make an individual customer happy.

  • Grow order value with bundles & up-sells

    Use our dashboard or API to bundle software together, upsell a bonus e-book or offer a one-click upgrade to your premium plan.

  • Track and understand what works

    Plug in your 3rd party tracking and advertising solutions such as Facebook, Adwords or Google Analytics to track post-purchase success.

For your Mac, Windows and Web software

  • Give customers a taste with trials

    Leverage our SDK to offer a time or feature-limited trial to your customers, with rich analytics that help you understand what performs best.

  • Simplify licensing

    Handle the whole license lifecycle easily, from license creation to remote verification, to activation and deactivation.

  • Take in-app and cross-platform payments

    Remove all friction by offering the same streamlined checkout experience natively in your desktop apps.

Build your recurring business with subscriptions

  • Support any billing model

    Create and test any plan you want, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, per-seat or metered usage. Adjust pricing by adding one-off or recurring charges on the fly with our modifier API.

  • Let your users try or change plans

    Increase activations, grow MRR and decrease churn by offering trials, coupons and one-click upgrades and downgrades between plans.

  • We do the math

    We automatically handle the most complex parts of a subscription model, from pro-rated sales to billing cycle changes.

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