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The legal relationship between Paddle and you

As a software developer, or content creator, we want you to focus on just that.

For businesses & developers we work with Paddle is an authorized reseller of their products, as opposed to a ‘payment provider’.

As a result, Paddle typically manages all of the following aspects of a sale:

  • Order processing and payment.
  • VAT/ Sales Tax collection, filing and payment.
  • Order/billing related support. (Invoicing, Receipts, Lost Licenses/Delivery Issues)
  • Fulfilment & Digital Delivery (typically via download, license key, or webhook notification to provide access to a hosted service)

Because Paddle operates in this way, we carefully monitor the quality of products we are reselling. We’ll often provide feedback, and help with product development & assist with marketing strategy to ensure developers can build incredible software that customers love, without worying about the technical intricacies how they get from a polished product to the devices of users everywhere.

If you have any questions about Paddle as a reseller, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. We also have full Terms & Conditions on how the Paddle <> Developer relationship works from a legal and tax perspective.

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