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My Account

How do I change my vendor account name? »
How do I change my default (balance) currency? »
Can I invite members of my team? »
What is account verification? »


What am I not allowed to sell on Paddle? »
Which payment methods do you support? »
What currencies do you support? »
Do you offer localised checkouts? »
Why should I use local currencies? »
What is checkout recovery? »
What will customers see on their statement? »
My customer’s transaction has been declined? »
Can I issue refunds/are they free of charge? »
Resending Lost Invoices & Emails »
The legal relationship between Paddle and you »
Which countries are supported by Paddle? »
Notification of sales, refunds etc via email? »
Which fulfillment method to choose? »
Subscribing to seller alerts via email/webhook »
Does Paddle support upselling / cross-selling? »
Wire transfers: definition/ how to use? »
Which emails will customers receive? »
Paddle Invoicing FAQs »

Integration and Setup

Essentials to sign up/create a Paddle account »
Do I need an SSL certificate to use Paddle? »
How do I test my checkout integration? »
Does Paddle support 3rd party online stores? »
Do you support Google Analytics? »
Can I customize my checkout look & feel? »
Editing the styling of invoices/emails? »
Selling a Mac/Win app with trials & licensing? »
Can I collect additional data on the checkout? »
Does Paddle integrate with Wordpress? »
Can I use Zapier to manage Paddle alerts? »
Redirection upon completion of checkout »
What happens when the v3 Mac SDK is no longer updated? »


When & how do I get paid? »
Can I be paid in my local currency? »
Is there a charge/fee taken for payouts? »
Do I need to invoice Paddle for my payout? »
Should I charge Paddle VAT/tax for payouts? »

VAT & Tax Handling and Compliance

What is VAT? »
How Paddle handles VAT on your behalf »
Do you support tax inclusive/exclusive pricing? »
Which countries does Paddle charge sales tax or VAT for? »
What is a “Merchant of Record”? »
How will Paddle be affected by Brexit? »

Disputes and Fraud

How does Paddle prevent fraud? »
What are 'Flagged Orders'? »
What are disputes? »
Suspect intellectual property infringement? »


Do you integrate with 3rd party affiliates? »
How is Affiliate revenue split and calculated? »


What is Audience? »
Can I contact my customers from Audience? »
Importing audiences to e-mail providers? »


Supporting a subscription based sales models? »
How do we calculate your MRR? »
How do you ensure trial subscriptions are compliant? »


How do we calculate your Billing metrics? »

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