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How can I set up a SaaS metrics integration with ProfitWell?

What is the ProfitWell integration?

ProfitWell provides advanced and accurate subscription metrics based on your data, absolutely free. Integrate Paddle with ProfitWell in minutes to gain a deeper understanding of your subscription business by surfacing key metrics such as MRR, Churn, and Lifetime Value.

Is the integration right for my business?

Please note that the beta of the ProfitWell integration is only available to customers that:

  • haven’t yet passed live transactions through the Paddle platform.
  • only offer monthly or annual subscription plans. This release of the integration is not designed to support subscription plans with daily, weekly, or custom intervals.

How can I set it up?

The beta release of the ProfitWell integration sits behind a feature flag. This means you will need to contact Paddle to enable to the feature. Once enabled, only Admin and Technical user roles on your Paddle account will be able to see the ProfitWell Integration page and set up the integration.

Once you have the feature flag enabled, follow these steps to switch on the integration:

1) Create a free ProfitWell account. Go to the ProfitWell website and click on “Get Started” to sign up. When you reach the “Connect Your Data” step in the sign up process, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the “Manually add transactions” option.


2) Once you’ve created your account, go to Account Settings > Integrations.


3) Click on the Profitwell API tile.


4) Here, you will find your API token.


5) Copy the API token and go to your Paddle account. Then go to the ProfitWell Integration page and paste the token in text field. Click “Save” to enable the integration.


You’re done! Now log into your ProfitWell account to access your advanced subscription metrics. You will start seeing data shortly after transactions start to come through the Paddle platform.

Do I have to do anything else after I’ve saved my ProfitWell API token or will the data be automatically sent to ProfitWell?

You don’t need to do anything after you’ve saved your API token as the data will be programmatically sent to ProfitWell.

Will I see my data updated in real-time on ProfitWell?

Once we push the data to ProfitWell, it takes between two to four hours for ProfitWell to process and display updated metrics in its dashboard.

If I have an existing ProfitWell account, can my Paddle data continue to populate into the same account?

Yes, your new Paddle data will continue to push into the same ProfitWell account as long as you provide us with that account’s API token when enabling the integration.

I’m switching to Paddle from another platform but I have existing data in that platform. Can I get that data into ProfitWell?

Yes, but the method will vary for importing that data depending on which platform. If your existing data is on a platform that has a native integration with ProfitWell already (i.e. Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Chargebee, or Zuora), then you can enable one of ProfitWell’s native integrations to get the data into your account. If the platform you were previously using doesn’t have a native integration with ProfitWell, then you can either:

  1. use the ProfitWell public API to programmatically push data in or
  2. manually add subscriptions one at a time using the Customers tab or
  3. use the Google Sheets Zapier integration to upload subscriptions in bulk

For more information, check out ProfitWell’s Help docs here.

I have set up some test transactions in my Paddle account. Will that data pollute my metrics?

To prevent any test data from polluting your metrics, you must cancel all test subscriptions that you have created before you enable the integration.

Is it possible to stop the integration? What’s the impact?

Yes, you are able to stop the integration by removing your ProfitWell API token. From the Paddle dashboard, simply delete it from the ProfitWell Integration page under Developer Tools and save it. This means your data will stop pushing to the ProfitWell account and metrics will stop updating. Please note that if you decide to re-enable the integration at a later date, the data during the time when it was disabled will be missing from your ProfitWell account as it wasn’t pushed.

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