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Paddle Invoicing FAQs

This FAQ refers to Paddle Invoicing, a new beta feature that enables Sellers to send personalized invoices and request high-value payment via wire transfer. If you’d like to find out more, email

When will my invoices be reconciled?

Paddle processes wire transfer payments each morning (GMT). Once a transfer has been made, it should be received and reconciled within 2-3 working days. Sometimes, payments can be delayed because of timings between initiating the transfer and Paddle processing that payment, bank-to-bank payment delays, or errors in the wire transfer when it was submitted.

What currencies can I invoice in?

At this time, you can create invoices in US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. We’re investigating other currencies based on demand; let your account manager know if there are other currencies you would be interested in supporting.

What happens in the case of overpayment or underpayment?

Depending on the amount difference, Paddle may be in touch with the customer to request the shortfall or refund any overpayment. Let your account manager know if you do not want Paddle to contact your customer.

Will I get notified when an invoice is paid or is overdue?

When an invoice is paid or becomes overdue, the invoice status in your Paddle Invoicing dashboard will change. There are currently no notifications or webhook events for paid or overdue invoices, but let your account manager know if this would help you.

Who is responsible for chasing late payments?

At this time, it’s the responsibility of the seller to manage late and overdue payments. We’re investigating how we can help scale delinquency management through automation and human intervention - let your account manager know if you’re interested.

When and how will I receive payment?

On the 1st of each month, your balance - the amount we have reconciled and confirmed as Paid - is calculated. This is transferred to you by the 15th of that month, at which point your payout will be listed as ‘Completed’. You can receive your payment either via wire transfer, PayPal or Payoneer. You’ll also receive a ‘reverse invoice’ from Paddle, detailing the balance exclusive of Paddle’s fees and any other applicable charges.

Will I get access to manual payment events data via webhooks?

Currently, there are no webhooks for manual payment data events. Let your account manager know if this would be useful for your business.

What terms and conditions do I need to include for new customers?

Paddle’s Buyer Terms need to be appended in your Terms & Conditions or referenced in the order form or contract between you and your customer. Your account manager will supply the Buyer Terms to be used.

Do I need to inform my existing customer of any changes, now that we are working with Paddle?

You will need to let your existing customers know that you are working with Paddle as a reseller. Your existing customers should be informed of the Paddle Buyer Terms and acknowledge via email. Your account manager can supply a PDF of the terms and conditions, along with an email template with information to include

Can I import my existing customer data into Paddle?

It’s not possible to import existing customer data into Paddle through the dashboard. If you have a large number of businesses to set up for invoicing, let your account manager know.

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