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Suspect intellectual property infringement?

Paddle takes claims of intellectual property (IP) e.g copyright, patent, or trademark infringement very seriously. If you are an IP owner, suspecting a Paddle vendor of infringement on your IP, it is of course your right to issue a DMCA takedown notice.

If you wish to issue such a notice, please contact us, including the following details:

  • Your company name, registration number and address
  • Proof of IP ownership
  • A link to where your IP can be found on your website
  • A link to the vendorโ€™s website for which you suspect infringement

Upon receipt of this information, Paddle will begin an investigation. Paddle will forward details of your claim on to the vendor and ask for proof of rights to sell the product(s) in question.

In the absence of sufficient proof, or if Paddle does not hear back from the vendor within 24 hours, Paddle will suspend the vendorโ€™s checkout until such unequivocal proof is supplied.

Paddle will endeavour to keep all parties updated throughout the investigation.

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