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How is Affiliate revenue split and calculated?

For the purpose of this example we assume a UK seller that charges VAT as part of the total order amount.

Example Calculations:

Step Amount ($) Description
Total order amount 120 The total amount charged in the order.
Product amount 100 Because VAT is included in the price, the cost of the plan works out to $100.
VAT 20 Of the $100, the VAT for UK is 20%
Paddle fee 6.5 From the total ($120) we calculate our fee
Subtotal 93.5 We take our fee and VAT leaving $93.5
Affiliate commission 28.05 We then give the specified commission to the affiliate (in this example 30% of the subtotal)
Paddle affiliate fee 4.67 We then take an extra 5% affiliate fee (beyond the normal fee, for using the affiliate app)
Seller revenue 60.77 The remaining 65% goes to the seller.
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