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⏰ It’s time to stop ignoring SaaS sales tax

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Looking for help with your sales tax on software? Don’t get stuck with expensive tax advisors, punitive fees & fines, or complicated tax calculators that take forever to integrate.

With Paddle, you can offload all your sales tax liability.

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How complex are sales tax regulations today?

As a software business, you owe sales tax where your customers are.

That means you need to register, charge, file & remit the correct sales tax in every taxable jurisdiction you sell software in - country, state, even county-level.

That’s thousands of separate tax jurisdictions with different tax rates, product rules, languages, currencies, and filing processes that you need to keep on top of every month.

“You don’t have to be big to be caught by the tax authorities”

⚠️ Late registration, filing, and payments attract penalties and interest over the weeks and months of non-compliance. This also delays and even blocks your key liquidity events like fundraising, acquisitions, and IPOs.

⚠️ Repeated offences & blatant tax evasion earn punitive fines for companies and company officers, and (in many countries) prison sentences.

⚠️ Tax accountants & calculators don't take liability but you do. When you can't shift liability, it's your responsibility to get it right.

🥇🥈🥉 We rated & ranked every tax jurisdiction in our Tax Agony Index →

🕊️ Now you can outsource your global sales tax compliance

Paddle Comply is the only way for SaaS businesses to sell globally without any sales tax liability. We take liability for showing & charging the correct rates of sales tax. We file & remit sales tax across every jurisdiction you sell in. All 2000+ software businesses on Paddle have up-to-date records proving their sales tax is settled.

That means every dollar, peso, and rupee you run through Paddle is tax compliant globally - all at no extra cost with the Paddle platform.

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