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๐Ÿ“‰ Radically reduce customer churn through one unified platform.

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Reduce failed subscription payments with local payment routing by over 30% each year. Recover any remaining failed payments with smart retries & dunning campaigns.

Minimize cancellations with churn prevention offers. Paddle makes it easy to pause & downgrade subscriptions via API, offer discounts to customers who cancel via our buyer support team, & fight fraudulent chargebacks on your behalf.

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Reduce churn by up to 30.6% with higher payment acceptance

Stop payments failing before they renew by optimizing for higher payment acceptance first.

With Paddle, payments are routed through local acquiring banks and entities which leads to fewer declines.

Our A/B testing show's a 3% lift in subscription payment acceptance (and 20% lift in new purchases through Paddle Checkout) - that compounds to over 30% over 12 months.

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Recover over 2X more failed payments than DIY dunning

Smart retries, dunning emails, and no-login mobile-responsive payment update forms are included with Paddle in our all-in-one platform.

With their payments + subscriptions together, Paddleโ€™s dunning performs 113% better on average than dunning built in-house for recovering revenue after payments fail.

And with Paddle's higher payment acceptance, fewer payments fail in the first place.

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Pause, discount & downgrade-away your customer cancellations

With one unified platform, Paddle makes it easy to offer alternatives to customers when they choose to cancel their subscriptions.

Update subscriptions via API to offer downgrades, discounts, and pausing their account - so you don't lose customers entirely.

With Paddle's subscription support team, you can offer offers and discounts to your customers directly when they get in touch to cancel. We'll also fight fraudulent chargebacks (and win over 80%) for you too.

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