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SaaS businesses need more than a payment processor. A web of subscriptions, currencies, payment methods, tax tools & fraud plugins - business-critical functions to integrate & maintain.

With Paddle Managed Payments, you can offload your entire payments tool-chain. Run recurring payments globally with our single Revenue Delivery Platform.

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Kaleido AI

๐Ÿšง Your Out-of-the-Box Payment Processor is Not Built For SaaS

Todayโ€™s software buyers expect to subscribe in their currency, with their payment method, at their price point. Youโ€™re constrained to the models of all your bolt-on tools, instead of your customerโ€™s needs.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Your DIY Revenue Infrastructure Constrains Growth

Best-in-class payment teams manage banks, currencies, entities & gateways all over the world. Routing payments to local banks in local currencies increases conversions, payment acceptance & customer retention.

Fast-growing SaaS businesses donโ€™t have the revenue infrastructure or bandwidth to optimize (or even integrate) payments to capture every revenue opportunity.

Make Payments Your Market Advantage ๐Ÿš€

Everywhere else in SaaS you run growth-ready platforms. You run on AWS, not a server closet. You run on CRMs, not a spreadsheet. Why settle for less with your revenue infrastructure?

Upgrade from managing your own payment processing & bolt-ons to Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform. With Paddle Managed Payments, create a delightful buying experience that translates globally, capture every revenue opportunity, and perfectly reconcile your data - all with a single integration.

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