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With Paddle’s Revenue Delivery Platform and advisory team, you’ll optimize conversions globally, maximize revenue in every local market, and offload all your global compliance headaches.

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Kaleido AI

SaaS is borderless. Your strategy should be too.

For Executives & Go-To-Market

International expansion lets you reach new customers, win in new markets, and take your software global.

For Product & Engineering

Selling software internationally needs more billing infrastructure to manage local payments, currencies, taxes & banking.

For Finance, Operations & Legal

Local languages, compliance, currencies, taxes, banking & laws will become a drag on your international expansion strategy.

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How Kaleido used Paddle to launch and scale their business globally

Kaleido launched its family of visual AI products with Paddle – selling across hundreds of countries to thousands of customers on flexible subscriptions.

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2x revenue & +35% conversions: How iMyMac monetized 10,000 daily users

With Paddle, iMyMac saw an immediate increase in conversions from initial implementation and a subsequent increase following a site review and design changes.

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How Matomo saved 2 days of dev time a month

After reviewing several billing and payment providers, Matomo moved to Paddle – away from multiple tools and plug-ins, to one unified platform.