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Mobilizing your Audience

One of your biggest assets is existing customers. Learn how to mobilize them through pre-release emails, a captivating social presence and an enticing referral scheme.

What you'll learn

  • How to word your launch announcement
  • Streamlining customer upgrade journeys
  • What a captivating landing page looks like
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How to Communicate your Launch

We look at how major companies have communicated their launches.

Using Social Channels for your Launch

A how-to on interacting on the most popular social channels.

Leveraging PR Before and After your Launch

Best practices on promotion, organically or with a PR agency.

How To Mobilize Your Existing Users When You Launch

Engage existing customers in a variety of ways.

Making the Move from the Mac App Store to Direct Sales

We answer the initial questions you might be asking yourself.

How to do Pre-orders and Internal Betas

What's needed for an effective campaign.

Your Launch Announcement Landing Page

The essentials components for an exciting landing page.

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Choosing the Right Pricing Strategy

We focus on pricing smarter, as well as A/B testing and localized pricing.

Determine The Right Billing Model

We tackle the main billing models and how to successfully move to subscriptions.

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