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What is revenue delivery?

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Building SaaS is not for the faint of heart.

B2B SaaS companies today face endless competition, live or die by customer acquisition costs, and must earn the loyalty of their customers through every subscription cycle. As online businesses, SaaS is borderless by default and has to navigate increasingly complex global regulations.

In facing these challenges, SaaS CEOs are realizing that scaling up is about more than building on the traditional growth levers - the right product strategy and the right go-to-market strategy.

The systemic shift to a new Scale-Up Model


We valued scale at any cost. ARR & ACV above all else.

  • Get big fast

  • Land grab

  • Close a sales

  • Chase anything


Now we scale with purpose. Our focus shows in LTV & NDR

  • Scale efficiently

  • Build enduring lifetime value

  • Open a relationship

  • All dollars are not created equal

“109% net dollar retention is the new standard”

Healthy SaaS businesses keep their customers subscribed and expand their accounts over time. Net Dollar Retention (NDR) gives a clear metric & benchmark to compare SaaS companies against. NDR is the new North-Star metric in the new rules of SaaS.

Introducing Revenue Delivery: Your Third Growth Lever 

Leading SaaS CEOs play by a new set of rules - to break free from the constraints and complexity that holds back growth. The new strategy activates the powerful third growth lever, Revenue Delivery, in order to drive long-term customer relationships, efficient growth, and net-dollar retention (NDR).

As SaaS companies grow organically, so do billing and payment support systems. Focusing on NDR is difficult when there are multiple, disparate components that are difficult to integrate, maintain and use to support the business successfully. Traditional choices constrain your NDR.

Traditional choices constrain your NDR

To break free from the constraints and complexity that holds back growth, companies need to transform their revenue delivery infrastructure so they can respond faster and more precisely to every growth opportunity.

A revenue delivery strategy is a plan that specifies how a company will manage the revenue infrastructure - the systems, processes and teams - responsible for optimizing acquisition, retention and expansion to exceed growth objectives.

Revenue delivery needs a unified all-in-one platform that integrates checkout, payment and subscription management making it easy to activate new business models, enter new markets, and turn on new offerings and subscriptions.

Revenue delivery enables companies to scale-up, grow internationally and move up-market and down-market quickly and effortlessly.

Companies need to transform their revenue delivery infrastructure so they can respond faster and more precisely to every growth opportunity.

Six Requirements of a Revenue Delivery Platform

✅ All-in-One NDR Optimization

A single, integrated platform that enables continuous NDR optimization covering acquisition, renewals and expansion as the company scales up.

✅ Decide with Data

The ability to allow executives to decide with data which results in fast and accurate decisions rather than relying on data generated piecemeal from multiple, disparate systems which is prone to delay and human-error.

✅ Respond Faster

Capabilities to allow companies to respond faster to meet business requirements associated with capitalizing on new opportunities such as entering new markets and adopting new business models.

✅ Friction-Free Scale

The ability to scale friction-free quickly and easily to optimize acquisition, renewals and expansion without having to book expensive engineering or other specialized resources.

✅ Global Day One

The ability to be global from day one includes dealing with taxes, multiple currencies and operation in multiple languages.

✅ Never Break the Law

Necessary processes and infrastructure to ensure that the company stays on top of ever-changing regulations so it never breaks the law regarding tax, data and payment compliance.

Your Revenue Delivery Platform must combine all six requirements

When combined together, all of these requirements create an industrialized Revenue Delivery Platform that makes it easy for SaaS companies to respond faster and more precisely to growth opportunities across acquisition, renewals & expansion.

Upgrade your revenue delivery infrastructure to Paddle

The Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform for SaaS companies powers growth across acquisition, renewals and expansion.

With Paddle, companies transform their revenue delivery infrastructure into a strategic growth lever.

Make business decisions quickly and confidently, based on accurate and timely data. Paddle integrates your checkout, payments, and subscription management so you can activate new business models, enter new markets, turn on new offerings, and renew subscriptions, friction-free .

One source of financial truth, providing metrics-driven growth strategies and scale-up efficiency. With Paddle, you can optimize net-dollar retention (NDR) across acquisition, renewals and expansion.

Scale-up and compete without boundaries . Paddle makes it easy to sell in 245 countries and jurisdictions from day one.

Always operate with full integrity and compliance . Paddle Comply encompasses financial and payment compliance, to make sure you can focus on your business.

Introducing Paddle: Revenue Delivery Platform

The Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform is a unified approach to SaaS scale-up. Our technology and expertise ensure your revenue delivery infrastructure is growth-ready. 

With Paddle, companies transform their revenue delivery infrastructure into a strategic growth lever.

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