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All payment methods

No need to pay for payment gateways or payment methods on top. We manage all of these relationships and everything is included.

Subscription management

Everything from converting trials into paid accounts, and managing recurring billing to offering smooth upgrade and downgrade experiences, and more.

Discount and sales

Run promotions to grow sales with inbuilt tools.

Fraud protection

We minimize fraud and help you fight chargebacks.

Taxes and VAT

We automatically collect and remit all local taxes on your behalf worldwide.

Billing support

Our team can handle billing queries and common customer queries for you.

We provide everything you need to sell globally whilst saving you 15–20% in costs.

Your customers pay using the Paddle checkout on your website and in your SaaS app. We become a reseller of your product, while you continue to own the customer relationship and experience.

We are legally responsible for financial compliance, international sales tax, fraud prevention, and much more, so you can stay focused on building your product and growing your business.

Paddle Platform: All Inclusive

  • Checkout experience (no merchant account needed)
  • Coupons, discounts and upsells
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Support for any billing model
  • Flexible subscription upgrades
  • Sales tax and VAT MOSS compliant
  • Currency and pricing localization
  • International payment acceptance
  • Billing support
  • Fraud prevention
  • Analytics
  • Trial management

Other Solutions

  • $$$ for a subscription management platform
  • $$$ for a tax solution
  • $$$ for cross border & currency conversions
  • $$$ for payment gateway processing fees
  • $$$ for fraud prevention tools
  • $$$ for a reporting platform
  • $$$ for tax reporting & remittance

The costs quickly add up, with additional time and effort to integrate and maintain these tools on an ongoing basis. 
Costs also tend to increase as your business grows!

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“Paddle has been an integral part of our enterprise journey, providing support with billing and licensing deals that has helped increase our global revenue growth.”

Sara Tandowsky
VP of Operations


“Paddle offers everything we need to grow our business and sell to customers around the world, without worrying about the implications of international taxes, payment gateways, or merchant accounts.”

Chris Belanger
Editor in Chief


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