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All-in-One SaaS Commerce

You only pay a transaction fee. Thereโ€™s no extra subscription to test or signup to Paddle.

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All your payment methods together

Everything you need to take cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers together. You only need to work with Paddle.

All your subscription billing tools

Everything you need to create, test, and implement any subscription billing model. You only integrate Paddle.

All your fraud protection and chargebacks

Everything you need to identify and fight fraud and chargeback requests. We contest chargebacks for you.

All your Taxes and VAT calculated and filed

Everything you need to be indemnified from sales tax liabilities globally - we calculate, file & remit for you.

All your billing support

Everything around your billing support is managed for you (typically, a third of your support tickets). No need to hire & manage extra headcount, and pay for extra support seats.

Optional revenue recovery

Recover more revenue with abandoned cart campaigns and dunning management. Turn on in 1-click for an additional transaction fee.

Grow your SaaS without the headache.

Paddle operates differently to take care of the burden and complexity of selling software for you.

Your customers pay using the Paddle checkout on your website, in your SaaS app, or via invoice. We become a reseller of your product, while you continue to own the customer relationship and experience.

We are legally responsible for all financial compliance, all international sales tax, fraud prevention, and much more, so you can stay focused on building your product and growing your business - without scaling your billing stack and headcount.

Paddle All-in-One SaaS Commerce Platform

  • Payment methods
  • Invoicing
  • Subscription billing
  • Revenue recovery (for an extra fee)
  • Tax compliance
  • Currencies
  • SaaS metrics
  • Fraud and chargeback protection
  • Billing support
  • APIs and integrations

The Do-It-All-Yourself Alternative

  • $$$ 2-3% of revenue for payment processing
  • $$$ 0.5-1.5% of revenue for subscription billing tool
  • $$$ $2k-25k per year for SaaS metrics tool
  • $$$ $10k-30k per year for a global sales tax calculator
  • $$$ $15-30 per state or country to register for sales tax
  • $$$ $25-50 per year per state or country to file sales taxes
  • $$$ 3-5 days per year per state or country of tax accountancy
  • $$$ $6k-120k per year for fraud prevention tooling
  • $$$ $15-25 per successful chargeback by customers
  • $$$ 50% more headcount for customer support
  • $$$ 50% more seats in your customer support tool
  • $$$ Engineering team epic to build your billing stack
  • $$$ Engineering hours to maintain your bigger billing stack

The costs of all this tooling & headcount typically add up to 5-15% of revenues for software businesses - and scale as your business grows.

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“Paddle has been an integral part of our enterprise journey, providing support with billing and licensing deals that has helped increase our global revenue growth.”

Sara Tandowsky
VP of Operations


“Paddle offers everything we need to grow our business and sell to customers around the world, without worrying about the implications of international taxes, payment gateways, or merchant accounts.”

Chris Belanger
Editor in Chief


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