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Boost revenue with Paddle In-App Purchase

The Epic Games v. Apple verdict clears the way for app creators to choose an alternative to Apple's payment system (and its 15-30% fee!). But choose the wrong provider and youโ€™ll be burdened with managing payment and subscription logic, taxes, fraud, and buyer support.

Paddle In-App Purchase will let app creators replace Apple's In-App Purchase without worrying about any of that.

More flexible billing

Paddle In-App Purchase comes with more flexible subscription options and retention tools, additional payment methods (alongside Apple Pay), and the choice of more billing models.

Using Appleโ€™s business model

When selling with Paddle, your apps stay on the App Store, but we make the sale โ€“ just like Apple. This means weโ€™re liable for all the painful purchase admin, from global sales taxes to customer support. Thereโ€™s nothing new for you to worry about.

Make more on every sale

With Paddleโ€™s lower fees, you earn more from every purchase. And with advanced payment features we help grow your revenue, retain subscriptions with payment recovery flows, and enable more payment options, like PayPal.

Apple Paddle
Transactions below $10 15-30% 10%
Transactions from $10+ 15-30% 5% + $0.50
Tax management Global sales tax automatically charged, filed, and remitted on all transactions. โœ… โœ…
Billing support 24/7 purchase support for your customers, wherever they are in the world. โœ… โœ…
Payment method control Support for PayPal in all territories, plus AliPay and other local payment methods. โš ๏ธ โœ…
Access to customer email for support See customersโ€™ emails, so you can communicate with them for billing support. โŒ โœ…
Ability to refund Issue refunds, partial refunds, and manage disputes. โŒ โœ…
Subscription management Manage subscribers, including pricing, cancellations, plan changes, and renewal dates. โŒ โœ…
Subscription pausing Pause subscriptions, so you can easily reactivate them later. โŒ โœ…
Subscription payment recovery Dunning workflows on payment failure, to better retain subscription revenue. โŒ โœ…
Payment method updating Allow customers to update the payment method for a subscription at any time. โŒ โœ…
Define your own pricing Price your product however you want. โŒ โœ…
Local pricing control Set pricing per country to cater to, and convert, different customers. โŒ โœ…
Cross-platform support Consistent billing between web and app. โŒ โœ…
SaaS billing models Bill how you want, from metered billing to usage-based, and charge for units or โ€˜seatsโ€™. โŒ โœ…
Coupons Offer coupons and discounts to encourage purchases. โŒ โœ…


Transactions below $10 15 โ€“ 30%
Transactions from $10+ 15 โ€“ 30%
Transactions below $10 10%
Transactions from $10+ 5% + $0.50 Join the waitlist

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