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🕊️ Offload your SaaS compliance headaches with Paddle Comply

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Paddle Comply is the only way for software businesses to sell globally with all your sales tax, payments, and data compliance guaranteed.

What’s more, Comply is included in the Paddle platform at no extra cost.

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Kaleido AI

SaaS is now a regulated industry. Stay compliant with Paddle

Tax Compliance

With Paddle Comply, we assume all your sales tax liability.

Payment Compliance

Every payment through Paddle complies with local & network rules & regulations.

Legal Compliance

Our finance, legal & product team ensure ongoing compliance for all our sellers

Explore Paddle: Revenue Delivery Platform

The Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform is a unified approach to modern SaaS execution & scale-up. Our technology and expertise ensure your revenue delivery infrastructure is growth-ready.

Optimized Self-Serve

Paddle Checkout

Maximize conversions, delight customers, and eliminate engineering dependencies.

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Recurring Billing

Paddle Subscribe

The complete package to shape every customer’s subscription experience & optimize your NRR.

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Single Integration

Paddle Managed Payments

A single integration for SaaS businesses to instantly access & optimize payments in every country & currency.

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Operate with integrity

Paddle Comply

The only way for software businesses to sell globally with all your sales tax, payments, and data compliance guaranteed.

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Sales Assisted


Invoicing that's integrated with all of your payments, subscriptions & taxes out-of-the-box, and ready reconciled for you.

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Reconciled & Unified Data

Paddle Data Core

We reconcile & unify all your revenue data out-of-the-box, ready to stream to all your systems.

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Troubleshoot Customer Subscriptions

Paddle Managed Support

Our 5-star rated subscription support team can help your customers change their subscription, saving your support team tickets & headcount.

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Revenue Delivery Advisory

We partner closely with teams to shape their strategy, adopt best practices in SaaS, and avoid the most common pitfalls that drag growth down. Here’s what that process looks like in four simple steps.

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Migration & Integration

Revenue Delivery Architects

Our Revenue Delivery Architects working with you to map your subscriptions, migrate your card data, and move your revenue streams to run through Paddle

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