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You won't migrate alone. Our Revenue Delivery Architects work with you to map your subscriptions, migrate your card data, and move your revenue stream to run through Paddle without causing disruption for your customers or other business processes.

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1️⃣ Mapping customer subscriptions

You need to map your subscription billing logic to Paddle. First, this means mapping out your subscriptions (like the price and billing frequency) in the Paddle dashboard.

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2️⃣ Migrating card data

Both your team and Paddle’s team should never see any full customer card data. This is strictly a transfer of data between your payment provider’s PCI compliant vault and our vault providers at a planned time. Our Revenue Delivery Architects will walk you through this process for your card vault provider.

3️⃣ Importing into Paddle

With your subscription concepts mapped out, you need to import your customer subscriptions from your current setup into Paddle.

Your customer subscriptions will be paired with their matching payment method in our card vault ready to import. Our Revenue Delivery Architects can help test & review your subscriptions before going live.