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Introducing Revenue Delivery

Hear from our Founders on the third growth lever SaaS companies should be thinking about.

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Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform

Watch the Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform overview and hear the announcement of our new products.

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Announcing our $68M Series C

We are excited to announce our $68M Series C funding to power the next wave of B2B SaaS Companies.

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What is revenue delivery?

Introducing Paddle: Revenue Delivery Platform

Announcing our $68M Series C

Introducing Paddle Pilot

Paddle Pilot helps SaaS companies tackle payment failure. Benefit from our multi-acquirer infrastructure to improve payment conversion and increase revenue.

Pilot works on every payment through Paddle, at no extra cost.

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Announcing Paddle’s new sandbox

Paddle’s sandbox lets you thoroughly test your Paddle implementation, so you can be confident in your setup – whether you’re assessing the platform for the first time, or already an established seller.

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What is revenue delivery?

Scaling up is about more than building the right product and the right go-to-market strategies. Revenue delivery is the third growth lever for SaaS, responsible for optimizing acquisition, retention, and expansion to exceed growth objectives.

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