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Introducing Revenue Delivery

Hear from our Founders on the third growth lever SaaS companies should be thinking about.

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Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform

Watch the Paddle Revenue Delivery Platform overview and hear the announcement of our new products.

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Announcing our $68M Series C

We are excited to announce our $68M Series C funding to power the next wave of B2B SaaS Companies.

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What is revenue delivery?

Introducing Paddle: Revenue Delivery Platform

Announcing our $68M Series C

Introducing Paddle Comply

Paddle Comply is the only way for software businesses to sell globally with all your sales tax, payments, and data compliance guaranteed.

What’s more, Comply is included in the Paddle platform at no extra cost.

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Introducing Paddle Managed Support

Paddle Managed Support takes care of your customers subscription queries on your behalf within a 14 hour response time and 95%+ CSAT score.

Thousands of software companies delegate hundreds of thousands of support tickets to Paddle so they can focus their support team on product support queries & feedback, quicker response times, better CSAT, and lower support costs.

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What is revenue delivery?

Scaling up is about more than building the right product and the right go-to-market strategies. Revenue delivery is the third growth lever for SaaS, responsible for optimizing acquisition, retention, and expansion to exceed growth objectives.

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