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Introducing Paddle Pilot

Hear all about how Paddle Pilot can help you improve payment acceptance to increase conversions, renewals and - ultimately - revenue.

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What is Sandbox?

Find out how Paddle's sandbox can help you test your implementation and be confident in your rollout.

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What is branded inline checkout?

Find out how to design your embedded, inline checkout for maximum conversions.

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What is Paddle Pilot?

What is Paddleโ€™s sandbox?

What is branded inline checkout? โ†’

Introducing Paddle Pilot

Paddle Pilot helps SaaS companies tackle payment failure. Benefit from our multi-acquirer infrastructure to improve payment conversion and increase revenue.

Pilot works on every payment through Paddle, at no extra cost.

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Announcing Paddleโ€™s new sandbox

Paddleโ€™s sandbox lets you thoroughly test your Paddle implementation, so you can be confident in your setup โ€“ whether youโ€™re assessing the platform for the first time, or already an established seller.

What is Paddle's sandbox? โ†’

New options announced for your Branded Checkout

Your Paddle Checkout can mirror your site branding and colors to guide customers through the purchase flow without friction, increasing conversions.

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What is revenue delivery?

Scaling up is about more than building the right product and the right go-to-market strategies. Revenue delivery is the third growth lever for SaaS, responsible for optimizing acquisition, retention, and expansion to exceed growth objectives.

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