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All-in-One SaaS Subscription Management Platform

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Enjoy SaaS Subscription freedom with Paddle’s All-in-One SaaS Commerce Platform - subscription management software combined with all your payment methods, tax calculation, fraud detection, compliance and integrations.

Paddle simplifies SaaS subscription billing, handling all the complexities like of upgrades, cancellations, proration, trials, and integration without any other tools or manual work.

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Create any subscription billing logic

Paddle makes it easy to create your subscription plans in one view, combining together multiple billing logic like 1-time charges with recurring subscriptions, trials, metered billing, variable billing cycles and more.

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Seamless subscriptions over the whole customer lifecycle

Make it easy for your customers and support team to move between subscription plans.

With integrated Subscription Update Pages, users can see their new pricing and self-serve their upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations without jumping between creating support tickets, your pricing pages, and cancelling and re-creating subscriptions.

Paddle handles the headaches

Subscription update pages featuring the conversion-optimized Paddle Checkout. Subscriptions are updated without any manual work, with all the prorated billing calculated and credited automatically too. Users see the difference in their next billing update.

Easily integrate subscriptions with your product & tools

With Paddle’s all-in-one platform, you only have one tool to integrate. Use Paddle’s integrations, APIs, and webhooks to update all your other services with accurate subscription data, all in real-time.

Easily migrate all of your subscriptions to Paddle

Migrating your subscriptions and customer data to and from Paddle is easy. Work with our subscription migration tools and solution architects to map and migrate your data perfectly.

Replace subscription management tools like Chargebee, Recurly, Chargify, and Zuora

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