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You’ve already sold your software. Don’t lose revenue you’ve (almost) earnt. Unlike bolting together tons of tools, banks, and services, Paddle is an All-in-One SaaS Commerce Platform.

All our payments, subscription, invoicing, dunning, checkout, and bank infrastructure are designed to work seamlessly together. That’s why Paddle performs radically better in head-to-head tests.

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🧪 Optimize every step to increase your payment acceptance

Not every payment goes through the first time. From ‘waterfalling’ through payment processors, charging in local currencies from local merchant banks, card updaters, dunning emails, Paddle makes every effort to dramatically increase your payment acceptance globally.

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Sell Your Software with the Top-Converting Checkout for SaaS 🏆

Paddle Checkout is a smarter way to sell software online. With multiple payment methods, local currencies & languages, and conversion-tested design, Paddle Checkout consistently beats competitor checkouts in head-to-head tests.

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Recover revenue from your abandoned checkouts 💸

Steal best practices from e-Commerce and send automated abandoned cart emails. Recover abandoned checkouts with Paddle’s optimized email campaigns and capture the revenue you just missed.

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Recover revenue from involuntary churn

Involuntary churn from failed subscription payments is a lead cause of lost revenue.

Create your end-to-end dunning strategy with Paddle - automated payment ‘waterfalling’ and retries, credit card updater, subscription payment failure alerts, and dunning emails.

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🛡️ Protect against fraudulent chargebacks

Not all chargeback requests are made fairly. Paddle records all your customers interactions with payments and receipts. Transactions with a high risk score (indicating a fraudulent charge) are automatically refunded to prevent chargebacks.

If chargebacks appear illegitimate, our finance team will fight chargeback requests on your behalf to recover revenue. No additional chargeback fees are levied on top of third party payment processor’s fees (like PayPal).

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