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Paddle becomes the Single Source of Truth for Your SaaS Reporting

Instead of integrating and reporting on revenue from dozens of tools, teams & banks, Paddle becomes the only source for all your revenue (and all your revenue data).

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Why Paddle becomes your single source of truth

All your revenue from all your payment methods comes through Paddle, and is reconciled by us over the lifecycle to your subscriptions and accounts.

This means all your revenue is unified upstream and becomes the single source of truth for all your downstream reporting. Precise metrics with no missing data or extra integrations.

Explore your data in the Paddle Dashboard πŸ“Š

Paddle shows your core SaaS metrics right inside the dashboard including top company customers (to upsell to team & enterprise plans), top geographies (to optimize your currencies & local pricing), and MRR movement over time (to optimize your monetization and churn).

Sync your unified data to other SaaS reporting tools

With Paddle’s Integrations, APIs and webhooks, you can integrate the data captured in Paddle with tools like ProfitWell, Salesforce, and data warehouses for business intelligence tools to query.

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