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Paddle makes it easy to set up recurring payments for selling software on subscription.

Create subscription plans including trials, flexible billing periods, and prices. Paddle handles the headaches of proration, integrating currencies & payment methods, and creating top-performing dunning campaigns.

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Set trials and billing intervals 📆

Configure all your subscription billing periods in the Paddle Dashboard. Set monthly, annual, and custom billing periods for each of your subscription products. When your subscriptions change within the billing cycle, Paddle handles all your proration logic.

Running trials with a card on file? Paddle makes it easy to set a trial period and start billing the subscription in future.

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Flexible subscriptions for you and your customers 🧬

Subscriptions in SaaS change over time, so don’t cast your subscriptions and subscription logic in stone.

With Paddle, your subscriptions “stay alive” vs. churning your customer’s subscriptions yourselves whenever you need to make a change to their account like upsells, cross-sells & overages. No fake churn, junk data, or reconciliation pain.

Since all your payments, subscriptions, tax & invoices run through Paddle, changing logic within subscriptions is easy too. Only one platform to integrate.

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All you need to run recurring payments 💳 🧾

As an All-in-One SaaS Commerce Platform, Paddle has integrated payment processing alongside subscriptions. No extra effort to integrate new currencies, invoicing, credit card payments, and alternative payment methods for recurring payments like PayPal through Paddle Checkout.

For your subscription renewals, Paddle has a suite of integrated tools to maximize payment acceptance from ‘waterfalling’ through payment processors, multi-currency merchant banking, dunning emails & card updaters.

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