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Since Paddle acts like a reseller, you run all your payments and invoices through our platform. Our finance team reconciles payments and wire transfers to your customer accounts and subscriptions so you don’t have to.

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How reconciliation gets complicated for SaaS companies

As you step up the volume of invoices with upsells and overages, split across multiple currencies in multiple merchant bank accounts across multiple payment methods in multiple countries - reconciliation becomes a nightmare.

Without reconciliation you have no single source of truth for subscriptions, provisioning, revenue recognition, reporting or CRM integration. And your customers flood you with support tickets in all the confusion.

Paddle handles reconciliation for you

With Paddle’s All-in-One SaaS Commerce Platform, you don’t need any extra tools, teams, or banks to reconcile your payments.

Better still, we do it for you! Just like the App Store, we act as the Merchant of Record . We take manage all payment methods, tax remittance, merchant banking, and your invoice reconciliation too.

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