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Payment Processing for SaaS Businesses

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Unify your entire billing stack, free up headcount, replace dozens of tools, hacks, to do's & headaches, and unlock new revenue opportunities with Paddle SaaS Commerce Platform.

Manage the entire customer & billing journey from custom checkout to payments, subscriptions, tax, compliance, fraud, and more, from one unified platform with services to help you grow too. Just for SaaS companies.

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Forget Wrangling Multiple Payment Processors

Accept a wide range of global payment methods (including PayPal) in one integration with Paddle. You only interact with Paddle and don’t need to open payment processing and merchant accounts elsewhere.

Replace your Stripe, Braintree and PayPal accounts with Paddle's All-in-One SaaS Commerce Platform.

Customize your checkout and billing experience

Get started in minutes with just a few lines of code, or use Paddle’s Checkout API, Pricing API, Subscriptions API, and Webhooks to build your own subscription flow.

Unify card and wire transfer payments together

Send invoices and manage wire transfers in the same platform as your card payments. No painful reconciliation. Paddle’s platform captures every payment method in one place.

No more guesswork for global tax and compliance

Delegate tax, fraud, legal, and compliance. Paddle’s platform handles all your tax calculation and remittance globally. 

As a reseller, our compliance becomes your compliance. We fight fraud, chase chargebacks and failed payments, and manage reconciliation for you.

Grow into international markets in a few clicks

Go global easily. Configure your checkout currencies in a few clicks to maximize conversions, including localized pricing for each currency and A/B testing.

Easily migrate all of your subscriptions to Paddle

Migrating your subscriptions and customer data to and from Paddle is easy. Work with our subscription migration tools and solution architects to map and migrate your data perfectly.

Replace subscription management tools like Chargebee, Recurly, Chargify, and Zuora

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