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Not every payment goes through first time. But, not every SaaS business tackles their failed payments. You should calculate and consider this lost revenue cost to your business.

Increase acquisition overnight and radically reduce delinquent churn across global markets with Paddle. Run your SaaS Business on best-in-class payments infrastructure for each region without any extra overhead.

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We try, try, and then try again

When payments fail for first purchase or subscription, Paddle retry logic ‘waterfalls’ through alternative payment processors across our network to attempt payment again.

No need to integrate and reconcile multiple payment processors - Paddle manages it all for you.

Lose less subscription revenue 💔

“Delinquent churn” comes from failed payments on a subscription renewal (where the customer usually isn’t present in the payment).

Paddle consistently beats competitors for reducing delinquent churn. Paddle Billing retries payments across our global infrastructure, checks for card updates, and runs dunning campaigns to recover a working payment method from the customer.

Lose less global revenue 🗺️

One USD account is not enough for selling software online - your traffic, users & market is in high-value countries across EMEA, LATAM & APAC + emerging markets like India and Brazil.

You need to charge these customers in their currency through their payment method from a local bank “acquirer”.

Paddle manages all of this for you without you needing to manage local payment methods, currencies, local bank accounts, and the local entities you need to support them.

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How local acquiring impacts payment acceptance

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Paddle Checkout is a smarter way to sell software online. With multiple payment methods, local currencies & languages, and conversion-tested design, Paddle Checkout consistently beats competitor checkouts in head-to-head tests.

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