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Give payments multiple chances to convert

SaaS companies lose revenue to failed payments caused by overly sensitive fraud checks and technical hiccups. Pilot’s multi-acquirer model overcomes this in two ways:

  1. By routing payments to the acquirer with the best track record with similar payments

  2. By cascading any payments that do get blocked to fallback acquirers, to try again

Make more revenue across the subscription lifecycle

Every payment touchpoint is routed by Pilot to help you win more subscriptions and make more from them over their lifecycle – from initial checkout to renewals and upgrades, including possible retries in a dunning process.

“Paddle managed to recover $47K for us in January alone with Pilot”

 Menno Olsthoorn, Founder & CEO,

Multi-acquirer infrastructure you don’t have to build yourself

Every transaction processed by Paddle benefits from optimal routing by Pilot, which is part of Paddle Managed Payments. See a higher chance of payment acceptance with no additional financial or technical work needed.

Continuous routing optimization

Pilot continuously applies new learnings from the millions of transactions that pass through Paddle’s Data Core to determine the best payment routes and acquirers to fall back to.