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Why Merchant of Record is Paddle’s Secret Sauce 👌

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Just like the App Store, Paddle acts as a reseller - the Merchant of Record - so we take all responsibility and liability for payments methods, global sales tax liability, billing support, and more for 1000+ software companies.

By selling with Paddle, you can focus on growing your business without the headaches running billing globally.

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How and why Paddle operates

What is Merchant of Record?

How the MoR model compares to selling yourself in terms of tooling, legal & your customer relationship.

What We Do For You

Paddle manages all your payment methods & compliance, merchant banking, sales taxes & billing support.

Free Up Your Teams

With the Merchant of Record model, Paddle radically frees up your finance, product, engineering, support & legal teams.

Focus on Growth

Paddle makes it straightforward to roll into new markets and grow faster without any extra infrastructure.