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The Best Merchant Account for SaaS Is To Not Have One

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Usually, selling software through card payments and invoices needs your own network of merchant accounts to manage.

All your payments, subscriptions, tax remittance, invoices, and reconciliation run through Paddle. We act as a reseller (just like the App Store) and payout into any bank account, so you don’t need to setup and maintain a heavy merchant bank infrastructure.

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Free your finance team from invoice reconciliation

Paddle captures payments through all payment methods globally. Our platform and finance team will reconcile each payment and update the invoice status as paid on your behalf. No extra work needed from your team.

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Multi-currency merchant account without the headache

Sell your products in dozens of currencies to increase conversions by customers, payment acceptance by banks, and minimize FOREX fees.

Enable new currencies in a 1-click, and adjust prices for each market. Paddle will convert your payments to your default currency (USD, GBP, or EUR) at the mid-market rate.

For payouts, Paddle can payout in dozens of currencies - configurable in your dashboard under ‘Transfer Currency’. There’s no extra foreign exchange fees charged by Paddle.

No Extra Merchant Account Fees

Paddle charges one flat rate for the entire SaaS Commerce Platform for each transaction over. There’s no extra fees to charge.