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With Paddle, invoicing is integrated with all of your payments, subscriptions, taxes & CRM out-of-the-box. No more “split brain” for finance, sales, or engineering.

With everything in one platform, Paddle also manages your invoice reconciliation on your behalf, so your team can focus on growing not billing.

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Send invoices from Paddle & Salesforce

Your sales team can issue invoices to your accounts natively within Salesforce as well as the Paddle dashboard. No more errors from manual data entry, siloed reporting, and extra tools to login into.

Speed up invoice payments with more payment methods

Sell how your customer’s want to buy. Take payments on invoices through bank wire transfer or through Paddle Checkout (including card, PayPal, and Apple Pay).

Whatever payment method your customer’s choose, Paddle captures the payment, reconciles with the invoice, and marks it as paid in your Paddle Dashboard. Payment alerts are available via webhooks too.

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Tax Compliant Invoices By Default

Paddle issues GST and VAT compliant invoices in your customer’s jurisdiction - no extra work or review needed by your team.

All payments on Paddle have the local sales tax on software calculated, filed, and remitted for you.

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Free your finance team from invoice reconciliation

Paddle captures payments through all payment methods globally. Our platform and finance team will reconcile each payment and update the invoice status as paid on your behalf. No extra work needed from your team.

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