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All-in-one SaaS Merchant of Record Platform

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Enjoy SaaS subscription freedom with Paddle’s all-in-one Merchant of Record platform - subscription management combined with payment, tax calculation, fraud detection, compliance and integrations.

Paddle simplifies SaaS billing, handling all the complexities of payment processors, checkout experience, subscription logic, revenue operations, risk and fraud without any other tools or manual work.

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Experiment easier with flexible billing models

Don't be limited to just a few billing models for your product suite. Paddle doesn’t cast your subscription billing concepts in stone. Easily change and update your billing concepts without a clunky data model and re-integrating all your tools.

Future-proof platform

Paddle stays up to date with you. Use just one platform to build your checkout, test and change your pricing, subscriptions and how you sell - without changing tooling and integrations every time you grow.

Grow into international markets in a few clicks

Go global easily. Configure your checkout currencies in a few clicks to maximize conversions, including localized pricing for each currency and A/B testing.

No guesswork for global tax and compliance

Delegate tax, fraud, legal, and compliance. Paddle’s platform handles all your tax calculation and remittance globally. 

As a reseller, our compliance becomes your compliance. We fight fraud, chase chargebacks and failed payments, and manage reconciliation for you.

Integrations from one billing tool, not dozens

Paddle’s integrations, APIs and webhooks make it easy to integrate with your back-end database, CRM, accounting software and more - all with the guidance of our documentation and solution architects.

Easily migrate all of your subscriptions to Paddle

Migrating your customer data is easy. Just send us the request and we will assist you through the process.