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Free up one third of your SaaS customer support headcount

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Since Paddle works as a reseller, we respond to and resolve the support queries about orders on your behalf within a 14 hour response time and 95%+ CSAT score.

Thousands of software companies delegate hundreds of thousands of support tickets to Paddle so they can focus their support team on product support queries & feedback, quicker response times, better CSAT, and lower support costs.

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☑️ How we manage your order support

When your customers buy your software through Paddle, all the receipts, invoices & payment details will link to Paddle for questions around their order.

Our team will respond to each query within SLA, looking up order in our systems on Paddle and resolve the query on your behalf.

Product support and escalated queries are forwarded to your support system.

‘Excellent’ Support as rated by the customers of 1000s of sellers

With our 99.9% SLA attainment for response times, 95% CSAT scores, and ‘Excellent’ rating for our customer support on Trustpilot, you can trust Paddle’s top-performing support team to take care of your customer’s queries.

Reduce churn with discounts and deals to cancellation requests 📉

Since subscription cancellation requests come through to Paddle, we can offer discounts and deals to your churning customers to encourage them to stay subscribed.

To setup your offers, work with your account manager at Paddle who sets up your churn prevention campaign with our support team.

Free up your customer support resources

Typically, 25-40% of support tickets are related to order queries. Paddle Checkout and flexible Paddle Subscriptions help customer’s self-serve through common queries, whilst our support team handles the rest.

This means you can free up a third of your support headcount to improve your own response times and CSAT scores, improve product support & feedback, and reduce your overall support team cost across headcount and seat-based support tools as you scale.