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Four Layers of Credit Card Fraud Protection 🍀

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Selling software and digital products globally is prone to credit card fraud. Paddle gives four layers of protection on payments together with complete chargeback protection to prevent your business being exploited.

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First, we run three independent risk scores

For every attempted transaction, Paddle calculates three independent risks scores from separate sources.

Risk scores come from independent payment processors that transactions are routed through, third-party risk scoring tools, as well as Paddle’s proprietary risk scoring algorithm for selling software.

… then anything flagged goes through manual review 🧐

The Paddle Risk Team will manually review and assess the right outcome for flagged transactions. Payments flagged for the Risk Team will be marked as pending until they’re resolved.

🛡️ Protect against fraudulent chargebacks

Not all chargeback requests are made fairly. Paddle records all your customers interactions with payments and receipts. Transactions with a high risk score (indicating a fraudulent charge) are automatically refunded to prevent chargebacks.

If chargebacks appear illegitimate, our finance team will fight chargeback requests on your behalf to recover revenue. No additional chargeback fees are levied on top of third party payment processor’s fees (like PayPal).

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