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How Paddle simplifies your SaaS compliance

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As a reseller, Paddle radically simplifies the SaaS compliance requirements and issues that you need to manage and hold liability for.

We take responsibility for PSD2, GDPR & PCI compliant credit card checkout, GST, VAT & tax compliance globally, and your software licensing compliance too.

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PSD2, GDPR & PCI compliant checkout πŸ’³

Paddle Checkout runs over infrastructure to ensure any customer’s purchase through any payment method remains compliant with local laws around credit card and customer data.

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Global Sales Tax Compliance Done-For-You βœ…

As the Merchant of Record, Paddle operates like a reseller. The tax liability and compliance on selling your software falls on us.

We calculate, remit, and file sales taxes on your behalf. Every seller on Paddle is tax compliant for all their revenue they've taken with us.

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SaaS Compliance through operating via a reseller

Paddle operates as the Merchant of Record. Just like the App Store, we act as a reseller and take responsibility for all payments, subscriptions, taxes, merchant banking and more. Learn more in our legal T&Cs.

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