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Your Paddle Checkout can mirror your site branding and colors to guide customers through the purchase flow without friction, increasing conversions.

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Inline vs Overlay 

With Paddle you have two types of checkout to choose from:

  1. Our Inline checkout gives you a vast array of styling options to shape an experience that is completely true to your brand

  2. For a simpler setup, our Overlay checkout offers a tried-and-tested layout in your brand colors

More than 50 styling options 🎨

Keep your designers happy with Paddle’s hugely versatile Inline checkout. Customize:

Renderforest saw a 5% increase in conversions from optimizing their checkout branding

Experiment with ease 😌

Quickly test the impact of your design on conversions and improve it over time. Once embedded, you can make changes to your checkout from within the Paddle dashboard – no need to hassle your engineering team.