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Paddle helps protect you from fraudulent chargebacks by proactively refunding high-risk transactions and fighting fraudulent chargebacks on your behalf. All for no extra fee.

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✂️ Cut chargeback fees with smart proactive refunds

Paddle predicts likely chargebacks and proactively issues refunds. Four layers of credit card fraud protection are used to flag suspicious payments, so you can cut unnecessary chargeback fees and keep best rates with Visa, MasterCard, banks, and payment gateways.

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We’ll fight fraudulent chargebacks for you 💪

Chargeback fraud or “friendly fraud” is where a customer requests a chargeback for something they’ve bought - common in software and digital products.

Paddle collects data from Paddle Checkout, receipt email views, and then (unlike other payment providers) uses this data to fight fraudulent chargeback requests on your behalf.

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No extra chargeback fee 💸

Paddle charges no extra fee for chargebacks on top of the payment processor’s chargeback fee (like PayPal).