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Tracking third-party affiliate sales

You may be looking to implement Paddle for your online store while using a third-party affiliate network or tracking platform to manage your affiliate sales instead of using our Paddle affiliates tool. If that’s the case, you’ll need to send conversion data back to your platform to calculate commissions for your affiliates.

What data do I need to send?

The data required by your affiliate platform will depend on your provider and your own tracking preferences. As a minimum however, they will typically require:

  • A unique transaction ID
  • The value of the transaction (this is usually net value, and may need to be sent in a fixed currency)

When should I send conversion data?

If you have a success page redirect then it is recommended to fire your conversion event on the thank you page to ensure that the redirect does not interfere with your tracking pixel.

If you do not have a success page redirect then tracking code can be run within the successCallback block in your function.

How do I send order data?

Order information can be retrieved either from the checkout data in scope in the successCallback block, or in some cases by polling the order information API after the checkout has completed.

We recommend you send the checkout hash as the unique transaction ID to your tracking platform. This hash can also be provided to the order information API to retrieve further details in the thank you page.

To use success callback data in a thank you page instead of within your store page, the fields below can be passed as URL parameters or session storage data to the new page.

Required data field Success callback block reference
Checkout hash
Gross checkout value in vendor default currency
Net checkout value in vendor default currency - data.checkout.prices.vendor.total_tax
Gross checkout value in sale currency
Net checkout value in sale currency - data.checkout.prices.customer.total_tax
Sale currency data.checkout.prices.customer.currency
Coupon code
Product quantity data.checkout.product.quantity
Product name
Product ID

Can I use server to server tracking?

Many affiliate platforms support sending conversion data via a server to server (S2S) call. To implement this, we’d recommend enabling the payment_succeeded webhook and sending a request from your server on receipt of a new transaction alert.


See the links below for a range of popular third party options for affiliate network management and tracking, and minimal example integrations.

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Questions about Paddle?

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Questions about Paddle?