Introduction to Selling with Paddle

Paddle makes selling software easy - our platform provides you with everything you need to start selling your products in minutes. Whether you’re looking to sell directly through our web checkout, set up subscription billing, offer in-app upgrades or leverage your affiliate networks - we have a solution for you.


Paddle.js checkout is our super simple Paddle Javascript library for including Paddle Checkout on your website. With a whole host of additional tools and functionality to allow you to build rich, integrated experiences on top of Paddle.

Need a good place to start? Check out our guide to set up the Paddle checkout in 10 minutes (and 5 lines of code)


Selling subsriptions with Paddle is easy and highly flexible. Set up your plans, migrate your customers and customize trial, upgrade, downgrade and dunning policies to match your business’ needs.

Our Subscriptions Quick Start will get you up and running if you’re new to subscriptions, or the Integration Guide will give you the next level of detail!


Selling to your customers natively in-app, without redirecting them to an external web checkout, is proven to increase customer conversion and improve customer experience. Paddle’s SDKs allow you to do exactly this.

See our Mac SDK v4.0 Setup guide for step by step instructions to use Paddle’s SDK with your application.

With Affiliates

Paddle enables you to leverage your affiliate network and share commissions across multipe accounts. We have plenty of options to use our own platform, or integrate with a third party quickly and easily.