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Get started with your C#/.NET implementation.

Windows C#/.NET SDK (Deprecated)
The current Windows C#/.NET SDK is legacy and is deprecated. A new C# SDK is coming soon.

1 Add to project

Include the PaddleSDK.dll file into your project. If using Visual Studio this can be done by choosing “Add Reference…” and browsing to the DLL.

2 Integration code

To get started you will need to create an instance of the Paddle client. We recommend using the CreateSharedInstance method to create a single instance that can be statically referenced throughout your application via Paddle.SharedInstance

public static Paddle CreateSharedInstance(string apiKey, long vendorId, string productId)

For example:

namespace PaddleSDKExample
    public partial class MainForm : Form
        public MainForm()
            var paddle = Paddle.CreateSharedInstance("298c1c56fa2c2733220d54fdf211ea49", 13578, "503866");
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