SDK Setup

Get started with your C++ implementation

Windows C++ SDK (Deprecated)
The current Windows C++ SDK is considered legacy and is deprecated. A new C# SDK is coming soon.

1 Add to project

You should add the Paddle.lib, Paddle.dll and header files to your project. Simply add Paddle.lib as a dependency in Project Properties/Linker/Input/Addition Dependencies in Visual Studio.

2 Integration code

To start, you should add #include "Paddle.h" in your header file. Following this you should also make sure you are using the PaddleSDK namespace in your class.

using namespace PaddleSDK;

Now you can initialise the SDK and start the licencing process. This should be done as early as possible in your app lifecycle.

You should initialise an instance of the SDK with your keys, found in your vendor dashboard. For example:

auto paddle = Paddle::initSharedInstance("298c1c56fa2c2733220d54fdf211ea49", "503866", "13578");
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